A Course in Miracles Study Group

“Seek not to change the world, seek but to change your mind about the world.”
      – A Course In Miracles

When: Thursday evenings, beginning April 19, 2018 at 7:30 PM

Where: We will meet at The Derry Friendship Center, 6 Railroad Avenue, Derry, NH 03038

A Course In Miracles is a system of mind training- A Spiritual Psychotherapy – designed to help you achieve and retain a greater feeling of Inner Peace by replacing a thought system based on fear with a thought system based on love.

The Course is not a religion – there is no dogma, nor is there any kind of central doctrine. The Course does not claim to be the only way to attain a greater understanding of oneself, or a greater spiritual experience in your life. For any student of A Course In Miracles, all it takes is a little bit of willingness along with an open mind, and it is possible for you to know peace.

It is recommended that those who attend bring a copy of the book: A Course In Miracles published by The Foundation For Inner Peace. The book consists of three parts. The first part is the Text, which is the foundation of The Course. The second part is The Workbook For Students which consists of 365 daily lessons, and it is the Workbook, studied one lesson at a time, that will transform your thinking and train your

People the world over have enjoyed immense personal BENEFITS of studying “The Course.” Among them are:

  • Better relationships with your family, friends and co-workers
  • Freeing yourself from anger, fear, resentment, judgement, anxiety, and negativity
  • Enjoying a greater feeling of love, peace, forgiveness, joy, happiness, and serenity
  • Never feeling alone or “Less Than” again.
  • Greeting the new day without fear, ager, dread, suspicion, or worry
  • Eliminating any feelings of GUILT you may have and/or will have.

Your Experienced Study Group Facilitator, George Wallace, has been a student of A Course In Miracles since 1994. He is also a person in Long Term Recovery, having had his last drink on June 3, 1983.

According to George: The 12 Steps of Recovery saved my life, for which I am eternally grateful. Approximately 11 later, I became a student of A Course In Miracles. Some of my first thoughts about studying The Course were along the lines of: “This is a little like The 12 Steps goes to graduate school.”

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Recommended contribution: $2 to $5

To cover rent, and the Facilitator’s time and expertise