talk about it, and enjoyed enormous personal benefit as a result of having done so.


But no matter what your situation is: living in a world of hurt as a result drinking and drugging, constant negativity ruining relationships or getting in the way of advances in the company, having a spouse, partner or child being ravaged by the disease of addiction and the light finally goes on that YOU need help! You KNOW that you can’t live like this anymore, and that you have to do something about it.


Well, I have a recommendation. It has worked for me and for many others as well. And I am no better or worse than you are. If I can do it, you can do it. And much of what you need to do, you will find in this Welcoming Peace Weblog, along with many of the resources you will need. And the beautiful thing is that any time you have a question, use the contact form and send it to me. I will get you the best answer I can. So, the recommendation…


Even though you may not be able to see how it applies to you right now, that does not matter. I promise you, that if you make a firm decision that you are going to live in peace, no matter what, and you follow that with an ironclad commitment to yourself that you are going to do anything you have to do in order to feel that peace, you will feel like the weight of the world was just lifted off your shoulders.


Every resource you need is going to be shown to you. You will attract all of the people you will need for help into your life, at just the right time, as you move along. You will be guided, helped, lifted up, spoken to, and taught everything you need to know in order to reach that place of inner peace. All you need to do is take it one step at a time, one day at a time, and one thought at a time. Live in the NOW by keeping everything as close to this very moment as you possibly can. Stay out of the past and the future, and ASK FOR HELP. It will be given to you.


Making a firm decision about anything can be a damn difficult thing to do. You are probably terrified and feel like you are the only one that has ever been in that position, you don’t know what to do but you know that this can’t go on anymore. I can tell you that if you make a decision to have peace in your life, no matter what, then make an ironclad commitment to that decision, you will experience the peace you want. It will not be immediate, but you have all the time you need and more.


As well, I could never have decided to have peace in my office (this would be around the spring of 1999) had I not decided to become a dedicated student of A Course in Miracles (this would be around the winter of 1993) many years before. Of course, I could never have been in a position to decide I wanted to further my personal growth and enhance my sobriety by studying The Course, had I not decided to go to my first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous where I found The Twelve Steps of Recovery (as a 6 ½ year long stark raving mad dry drunk) that saved my life. And none of the above could have happened if I did not stop drinking (June 3, 1983) many years prior.


The personal commitment I made to my decisions for inner peace, study of A Course In Miracles, attending my first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, and ending my life as an active alcoholic, are as important to me today as they ever were. And they will never leave me while I can still take a breath, because that is how commitments work.


If you are reading this page you may well be on the verge of making a very important decision. It could be that you are choosing between being clean and sober for the first time since you can remember, or continuing what you are doing and going downhill fast. You may be thinking that you want to stop living a lie because you’ve come to value truth and integrity, but that would mean telling the world that your sexual preference is not exactly what everyone thought it was, and you don’t know what to do. Or, you may be sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you have come to a place where you want to rid yourself of all your negative thinking, constant inner turmoil and inability to form lasting relationships. You want to make it all stop, but you don’t know how.


Before you can make a clear decision to live a life of inner peace, love, joy and serenity, you need to have a desire to do so. This desire can be fueled by a number of factors, although it usually comes from the realization that your life sucks. No matter what it looks like from the outside there is a roiling volcano things could certainly be better. You want the circumstances of your life to change and you wonder if there really is another way. Then something deep inside is stirred, reminding you that you are never alone, and beckoning you to come home.


Making a decision to live a life of peace is a very courageous act. It takes courage to decide that you are going to exist in a heretofore unexplored space. It takes courage to decide that whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever you think, no matter what, is going to be purposely designed to bring you a more intensive experience of inner peace in your life. And it takes courage to release yourself into the loving arms of the Divine Creator that thought you into existence a long, long time ago.


Oftentimes, making such a decision is an act of desperation, the result of hitting an emotional or spiritual bottom that has no more room to give. If you make a commitment to that decision every day of your life, it is initially a lot of work, but such a commitment is necessary for the transformation that you are looking to accomplish.


The good news is that you do not have to hit rock bottom like I did in order to make this decision. In fact, you don’t even have to come close to doing so, in order to gain immensely positive results from deciding to accept nothing less than inner peace in your life. Such a decision and commitment will affect every aspect of your existence in ways that you cannot imagine today. All you need is a little bit of willingness to begin this amazing journey. If you can’t find the willingness, simply allow yourself to experience enough willingness to be willing.


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On the Home Page of this website, I talked about the profound spiritual awakening I experienced on 9/11, and the tremendous impact the miracle of 9/11 had on my entire life. Today, I realize that the enlightenment I was given that day could not have happened if I had not already made a hard and fast decision that I was going to have peace in my life, followed by the very real commitment to begin building the foundation.


Approximately two years before the events of 9/11, the desire (remember, the desire will always come first) for inner peace came knocking on my door. Actually, it was more like a hammer blow to the head. I owned a small printing company at the time and my office was a chaotic mess. Every time I turned the car in the direction of my own company, I would get nasty headaches and a distinct feeling of nausea in the pit of my stomach. The day finally came when I had had enough. This is the day that I made a solemn and irrevocable decision that I was going to have peace in my office, no matter what. I took the immediate actions necessary to move in that direction, even though I was terrified to do so. It wasn’t too long before I realized that I needed to make substantial changes in my own thinking, and my own perceptions, in order to realize the peace I so very much desired.


I have learned much along the way and my goal is to share with you as much of that knowledge, within the context of my own experience (the best teacher), as I can. One of the things that I learned is the power of willingness. Willingness to do creates the ability to do.

You need to be willing to cast off the yoke of habits you have developed around negative thinking, judging others as well as yourself, and seeking to control your environment and the people around you. You need to eliminate the patterns of thought and behavior you have learned over the course of your lifetime that are severely limiting, even though you have yet to identify and take responsibility for such patterns inside you.

Your willingness will be necessary whenever you encounter your own personal resistance. Change is unavoidable. But self-directed change is not the easiest thing in the world to maintain. We sometimes need to take a step back for every two we take forward. As well, it is too easy to default to the familiar, all the while convincing yourself that you are changing and growing because outside circumstances and situations move and shift, providing the illusion of transformation.

A little bit of willingness is all you need. And at those times when willingness does not seem to be available, allow yourself the willingness to be willing.

Decide for peace today. It will be the best decision you ever made.

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