Travel Companion, Consultant, Addiction, Recovery and Spirituality Coach



I only work with Public Figures, Known Individuals, Company Owners
and Executives, People in the Entertainment Industry, those who require complete discretion and must remain strictly anonymous, and whose reputations and brand is ultimately important.

I am also available for travel with people in the Entertainment Industry, corporate Executives, or other high profile individuals whose recovery is new and fragile, or very inconsistent – and do not trust themselves to travel alone, into environments where their addiction will be under stress and endangered. I am here to help you.

I am available for travel from one day to an entire month, whatever it takes to maintain your separation from your addiction, and for one-on-one SPIRITUAL COUNSELING/COACHING. Our time together will include creative and personalized instruction; monitoring and diminishing the power you give to likely triggers, and more I wish to ensure our time together will be used to identify and remove the blocks you have created in your life to the experience of greater Inner Peace and Self awareness. Increased Inner Peace will help you make better decisions, develop better personal and business relationships, which are powerful tools to be used in successful, long-term recovery.

Together, we will design an agreeable and creative pricing structure that is mutually beneficial to both participants. Everybody wins or nobody wins!

  • I will send you a card with my mobile phone number and await your call. I use a separate phone that only I can access.

I understand that discretion is of primary importance for you, and we can make contact in one of three ways.

Fill out the form below and when you click on “SUBMIT,” The information of this form will pass through our HTTPS secure server and come only to my inbox. My promise to you is that I am the only person on earth that will see this information.
Send a note to my P.O. Box 25, Windham, NH 03087 and let me know how to discretely contact you. I will do so within 2 days of receiving your message.
Send me a Raven, Courier Pidgeon, Smoke Signal, or Pony Express Rider, and I will answer in kind!


Email address with my guarantee of security. Or P.O. Box number, I will send you a card with my mobile phone number and await your call. I use a separate phone that only I can access.

A brief description of your need for this VIP service.


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