A number of years ago, the Texas Rangers MLB Team hired Shawn Kelley as a Special Assistant whose main function was to be the constant companion of Josh Hamilton. The goal was to help keep Hamilton drug and alcohol free. It worked. Hamilton was named the American League MVP in 2010, and once hit 4 home runs, each one a two run homer in a single game. Josh Hamilton’s heroic come-back after having been out of baseball for about three years due to a serious drug and alcohol problem is well chronicled stuff of legend. I think that the Rangers showed tremendous understanding and compassion to hire Kelley, who was worth every penny of the investment.

I am convinced that, wherever possible, people who are actively suffering from the disease of addiction and have a demonstrated willingness to do whatever it takes to recover from the disease, would be best served by entering one of the many addiction rehab centers that have sprung up all over the nation in recent years. Josh Hamilton went to the Betty Ford Clinic for Drug and Alcohol Abuse.  I believe addiction recovery is becoming a big business as more and more is known and written about the disease, as I am doing now.

Isolating the addict from his/her day to day environment, providing professional psychological and medical care, education about the disease, improved nutrition, and providing mandatory attendance at meetings that are as close to those that occur outside the facility as is possible, often produces near miraculous results. But the lack of proper aftercare means that we are often sending people right back into the same set of circumstances that helped contribute to his/her development of the disease.

Many people who are vital to the success of their companies and whose position requires travel for any length of time, and who do not wish to place their newly discovered life of recovery in jeopardy, often utilize the services of Travel Companions until they are confidant enough to go it alone.

Entertainers and sports personalities, as well as those public figures who need to maintain strict privacy as far as an addiction is concerned, at least until they are comfortable enough in their own skins for the addiction to be made public, may utilize the services of Travel Companions to help them, and teach them how to successfully navigate the rough waters of early sobriety.

As of this writing (January 26, 2018) it has been over 34 years since I took my last drink on June 3, 1983. At that time, I didn’t know I was an alcoholic, and I didn’t know that I did not know. So, at the very beginning, I was able to endure 6 1/2 years of total white knuckle, cold turkey sobriety, and all the priceless lessons I learned as a result. Through a series of coincidences that were not coincidences, but which proved to be the Hand of God moving me along, and doing for me that which I could not do for myself, I was guided into the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, and found the Twelve Steps that saved my life.

A number of years later, I became a student of “A Course in Miracles.” The “Course” as it is called by people who are serious students, is not at all religious in nature. It does not have a doctrine or dogma, and I sometimes thought of it as “The Twelve Steps goes to graduate school.”

I have the time flexibility, strength of long term recovery, world wide travel experience, and something that is much more important than all of that; an ability to listen for, and listen to, the Voice for God.

If you want to know more about hiring me as a Travel Companion, please know that i understand discretion is of utmost importance to you. That being said, you can contact me in one of three ways:

Fill out the form below and when you click on “SUBMIT,” The information on this form will pass through our HTTPS secure server and come only to my inbox. My promise to you is that I am the only person on earth that will see this information.

Send a note to my P.O. Box 25, Windham, NH 03087 and let me know how to discretely contact you. I will do so within 2 days of receiving your message.
Send me a Raven, Courier Pigeon, Smoke Signal, or Pony Express Rider, and I will answer in kind!

Our time together will include creative and personalized instruction; monitoring and diminishing the power any of your likely triggers, and more I wish to ensure our time together will be used to identify and remove the blocks you have created in your life to the experience of greater Inner Peace and Self awareness. Increased Inner Peace will help you make better decisions, develop better personal and business relationships, which are powerful tools to be used in successful, long-term recovery.

Together, we will design an agreeable and creative pricing structure that is mutually beneficial to both participants. Everybody wins or nobody wins!

  • I will send you a card with my mobile phone number and await your call. I use a separate phone that only I can access.



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