I only work with Public Figures, Known Individuals, Company Owners
and Executives, People in the Entertainment Industry, those who require complete discretion and must remain strictly anonymous, and whose reputations and brand is ultimately important.

• Addiction and Recovery
• Spirituality
• Leadership
• Corporate
• Professional
• Personal

This service includes Consulting, Education, and Training of key Organization Personnel or High Profile individuals as to the realities of addiction and recovery, or creating a much Greater understanding of the problems you and/or your employees are encountering, along with implementation of proactive and compassionate measures to alleviate the pressures involved.

Your efforts could very well save the lives and of you and/or your employees and decrease the cost of hiring and training new employees. Also, the loyalty you will gain, which is a supremely rare commodity to say the very least, is priceless.

C-Suite Executives
Heads of Departments
Management Level Personnel; $150 USD/hour, travel and expenses

Consulting and Intervention; $95/half hour
$175/1.5 hours
$225/2 hours

Blocks of time to be used
in one hour increments $2,500 Retainer, to be replenished
at the $200 level

Posted by George Wallace

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