Buy Me A Cup Of Coffee

If you have read any of the articles I have written for the Welcoming Peace Website and Blog, and you have found it helpful in any way, perhaps as a new way of thinking about something, or learning something you didn’t already know, Please consider donating enough to buy me a very expensive and very exclusive brand of coffee.

Coffee is a critical arrow in my creative quiver when I am in the writing zone. It helps to dust the cobwebs from my brain, and there is something about a freshly brewed coffee that is inspiring.

When an idea comes to me and I decide it is something I want to write about, I don’t think of what I am writing as a blog post, I see it more as a particular lesson I want to teach. I don’t look at the number of words until I have said everything I want to say, which is somewhat of a radical departure from the accepted norm of writing 300 to 500 words and calling it a day. You will find that many of the articles I write are more like chapters in a book, and it is not unusual to see posts as long as 3,000 to 5,000 words But I do not want to short-change you, andI feel a great responsibility to give you everything I can.