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“Reading this book I felt like I was sitting in my living room listening to an old friend. George’s message…was like a continuing pat on the back from a friend…encouraging me to take control of my destiny.”

Marcia Santos

“This book touched me in such a profound way- a must read for anyone trying to change their way of living in a positive and peaceful manner. George has an honest, humorous, yet simple approach to such a process for that change. A heartfelt thanks for making a difference in my life.”

Jean Whitsett
Harrison, NY

Mr. Wallace,
I have to thank you from the soul of my being for your book “How to Enjoy Peace in your Life Everyday”. I am only 80 pages into the book and it is making a profound impact. I too am a recovering alcoholic and the book seems as though it was written about me, for me! (its all about me, right?) Anyway I dragged myself out of bed this afternoon after calling out from work, had a fit of rage because of what everyone has done to me and sat down with the book. Thank God because the light that you mentioned on page 88 has once again made the prospect of suicide not an option. I have hope and if this hope today is only to finish this book then it is one more day that my children have me in their lives. Thank you.

S. D. Southeastern MA

As Reviewed By Amazon

How to Enjoy Peace in Your Life Every Day is unlike any spiritual self-help book you have ever read. Right from the opening sentence you will find yourself totally engaged in a reading experience that can transform your life. This book will call to you when you are not actually reading because the author’s openness, honesty, and entertaining writing style will touch your heart and soul in a most profound manner.

In a world that often seems out of control- where cell phones, personal hand-held computers, family members, and in-laws often dictate the rhythm of our days, it is no wonder that so many people are feeling less in charge of their very own lives. We feel more and more overwhelmed as time goes on and finding ways to feel peaceful in the middle of all the chaos is increasingly difficult. It does not have to be that way. You can know peace!

How to Enjoy Peace in Your Life Every Day will keep you riveted to your seat. It is a totally uplifting and highly engaging account of one man’s precipitous plunge down the spiritual ladder and his subsequent miraculous recovery. With much humor and a touch of irreverence, George Wallace intimately shares the profound lessons that he learned, and how he successfully applied those lessons to his daily life, as he scratched his way out from the bottom of an emotional abyss that many of us never enter.