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Forgiveness Will Set You Free

GENUINE FORGIVENESS is not what You think it is GENUINE FORGIVENESS Will  Save Your Life Only If You Are Willing To GoThere   It was very cold out. That’s all I can remember about that night. I was 13 years...

/ November 16, 2017
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Letting Go Of Fear

The bullet or the bridge, which is it going to be? I sat alone in the kitchen of my home in Stow, MA, contemplating which would be the most agreeable way to end my miserable excuse for a life. I...

/ October 7, 2017
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You Can Know Inner Peace

Who You Think You Are - And Who You Really Are Bear No Relation - One To The Other The goal of the Welcoming Peace Website and Blog is to help you find the answer to the most important question...

/ August 15, 2017
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