Over the last year or so, I have been going into Boston a number of times per week and driving people all over the Greater Boston area for ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft. As a native Bostonian witness the city in the middle of a transformation that is nothing less than astounding. Pick a street, any street, and you will I get to find that there is some kind of a construction project going on there that is adding value and beauty to the greatest city on earth. Everyone I drive seems to be from somewhere else and came here because of the opportunities that now abound in medical research, high tech, education, engineering, architecture, education and may more.


I am also using the time I spend with these highly educated professionals to talk about the Welcoming Peace Blog, the goals and dreams I have for it, the real difference I want to make, as well as the fun I think it will be. But the funny thing I hve


It is my intention to explain what Inner Peace is, how you get there, and how you can stay there. We will discuss what and need to do, the process you need to go through, the particular steps you need to take, recognizing that everyone is different and will come to it in his or her own particular way. All you need is a little bit of willingness to come along for the ride. If you are not willing, but you still have at least a passing interest, then try being willing to be wiling.


The Inner Peace I am talking about is the Peace of God. At the first mention of the word “God” many of you will be immediately turned off and become immediately unreceptive. But if you shut down just because the G word has already been used, would be just like letting one tooth pick block you from experiencing the entire universe, you will be cheating yourself out of don’t have to be turned off by the G word, it is only a word on a computer screen.  You are perfectly free to use whatever concept of God you would like to use. For you, it could be Buddha, Allah, Yaweh, The Great Spirit, The Central Organizing Power of the Universe, and it doesn’t matter because we are all going to the same place anyway. There is no central doctrine and there is no static dogma. You can also use the concept of a power greater than yourself if that feels more comfortable.


However, I will be talking about God in many places and in many ways, because this website and blog represent the beginning of  my dedicated and committed service to God. It is the spring board, or the gateway, if you will, where I leave my old life behind and begin my new life in service to God. This is something I have known   I find it at least interesting that the great religions have, at their very core, the same basic


I had my last drink on June 3, i983, which means that at the time of this writing (7-28-16) it has been 33 plus years since my last drink. I will be freely talking about how my sobriety came about and the lessons I have learned along the way. It is a very good story, full of pain and misery until the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous saved my life.


I will also utilize my experiences as a student of A course In Miracles, which is something i jokingly refer to as “The 12 Steps goes to Graduate School.”





I get to drive people who are not native to the area so I play tour guide, poimting ot all of the histby creating jobsto an infrastructure. completely araand you will find that there probability You can’t drive down a single Developmen projects abthe I have been having a blast, and seem to be getting the best of two different worlds. The first is that I get to witness a city in transfothere is a to of development going on – everyehave grown to love this city and the eis city words enjoying the conversations ai g==havs wonderful time and learning a ot in t mean I couldn’t believe ta  Doing this has aaI couldn’t begin to tell you how many people In and of themselves, the words “Inner Peace” don’t mean anything. unless tangible qualities can be directly associated with it.


If someone came along and told me that they could help me gain a higher experience of inner Peace, I would wonder what kinds of drugs you were selling, what kinds of buzz they gave you. see them as the Hare Ktrishnas that at one time in my life hng around on oston Common in their saffron robes and annoying finger cymbals, chanting :Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare” over and over and over again. They were there to convert people, raise money though donations and, as far as I could tell, were not even slightl interested in harming anyone.


I would have wondered what you were REALLY  selling and told you that I had all the Inner Peace I needed right now. In fact I probably had such an excess that I could sell it to you and still have much more than I needed. I would have left you staring at your shoes while I opened another beer on the way toward the next alcoholic blackout while I was driving my car.


However, if I told you that I could teach you how to enjoy better, more mutually satisfying relationships, make better decisions whether they are pertaining to your personal or business life, develop a more engaging sense of umor, significantly reduce or eliminate any sense odf fear, anger, suspicion, doubt, insecurity, jealousy, judgement of other people, reseconfusion, stress, anxiety, resentment, feeling less than,


And that I could show you ways that you could automatically

·       enjoy better, more mutually satisfying relationships;

·       that you would be able to make better and wiser decisions that affect your bisiness life as well as your personal life,

·       tht you would develop a more engaging sense of humor, and that you would automatically feel more confident, able to do things (such as public speaking) that used to scare you to death,

·       that people would want to listen to you and would seek you out for advice, that you would feel more integrated and connected to yourself,

·       that you wuld develop a much better understanding of who you really are, thereby slowly eliminating from your life that which does not enhance you,

·       that you would know with absolute certainty that your personal enhancement and immediately makes everyone with whom you come in contact feel better and they then woulf have the same or similar impact on those whom they come in contact.

·       AND that all of the above mentioned benefits would be automativally translated into the lives of everyone with whom you come in contact whether they know it or not.

·       You will become much more understanding, compassionate and forgiving,

·       that te bigger and bigger picture woulf be come your focus and te small stuff would be more amusing than bothersome,

·       you would seek out opportunities to enhance the lives of those less fortunate and you would simultaneously understand tat NOBODY is any better or worse than anybody else, no matter what,

·       that you would attract people into your life tat are living according to similar vlues,

·       that you would be more appreciative and less demanding,

·       and that you would be able to see situations in your life as learning opportunities,

·       tat you would be bale to embrace the unknown and welcomr it because you would know that this is where the magic resides,

·       that your life would be imbuedwith q powerful sense of gratitude and you would ive every day as though it was your last,

·       that you would feel a much deeper connection with other people and they with you,

·       AND you would know tat there is a force in the universe, a penultimate guiding light that is much more powerful than you could ever be and you would look to this force that is made of love to help you find the way, to provide intelligent questions when you needed them and you would know that whatever question you ever asked would indeed be answered,

·       that you would find the continual happiness and contentment that has always seemed to elude your grasp (you cant grasp happiness – it is not a destination rather a bye product of your decision to increase your experience of inner peace),

·       you would understand that the process is much more important than the destination and in fact as soon as you make a decision to engage a process and make a genuine commitment (is there any other kind?) to tat decision the attainment of the desired outcome would simultaneously already habve occurred – although it may not be the outcome you wanted, it would be the one you needed.

·       That you would be clear that the only thing you would have control over is that which aoours between your ears, thqt illusions of grandiose




They are not bothered by the little things that used to get them upset
The quality of their relationships has noticeably gotten better
They have a deeper sense of gratitude
They make better decisions
They are more accepting of the opinions of others and may actually seek them out
They bring much more love and confidence to their relationships with family members
They feel more comfortable in their work environments
They find that they are able to think much more clearly
They pay more attention to the rules but are willing to make some of their own as well
They are more curious about the world and ask more questions
They are more willing to challenge the status quo
They attract to themselves people who are walking a similar path
They are more creative
They are much less controlling
They understand the importance of living life from the inside out
They are more accepting of other people, even their landlords and bosses
They understand the value of doing something right, rather than simply completing a task
They feel better about themselves and laugh much more frequently
They seek to add value to the projects with which they are involved
They have more fun and get more enjoyment out of life
They look and feel younger
They understand the importance of practicing genuine forgiveness
They are not willing to settle for “less than”
They are more respectful as well as more respected
They are aware of becoming the person God originally intended for them to be
They tend to listen to their gut instinct more often than not
They have a higher quality of sleep
One of the biggest differences between Welcoming Peace and other “personal growth” blogs is that I will use stories that illustrate the points I am making, and most of the stories will be about my own experiences having to do with the subject at hand. Given the life I have been blessed with I can see that I will never run out of stories that can be used as learning tools. Also, I consider the “bad” times to be even more of a blessing than the “good” because it is during those times that I received the greatest opportunities for self examination – I call it “being on the high end of the learning curve.” And there will be plenty of those stories for the blog.


The bottom line is that if i can do it, anybody can, because there is no difference between me and anybody else on the face of the planet. The stories are valuable because people think in narratives and want to be entertained while they learn. It is the entertainment factor that creates a bridge spanning the emotional chasm that people erroneously believe exists between themselves and other people. When I demonstrate that this separation is really just an illusion that exists in their minds, I will have given them a most valuable tool that they can apply to every relationship and situation they find themselves in for the rest of their lives. And this is just the beginning of the benefits that are available to them for free. Needless to say, the stories also give me significantly more credibility than many other self-help “gurus” who either do not have the inventory of experiences I have enjoyed, or lack the willingness or ability to translate them into learning opportunities for other people.


This will be a blog about personal growth on a number of different levels that are but I will be taking a very different approach. This will not be like other personal growth blogs where the owner offers compiled lists of things other people have said about certain areas of interest. For example: 10 ways to help you handle becoming unemployed, 8 traits shared by successful entrepreneurs, 14 proven methods of handling the stress of being a small business owner. etc.,etc. etc.


I will use the fact that I have been in recovery for a little more than 30 years and have been a dedicated student of A Course In Miracles for over 20 years.













Why would you decide to sta in such a small space when all the magic is our=t there


All of the pain, uncertainty, occasionally interrupted by moments of happinedss and clarity enough to convince you there is no reason to venture out into the dark, but what you don’t know is hat you cant possibly know until you go there just as much as you cannot know what a heart attack feels like unless you had one, you would nerver experience the thrill of a black diamond ski trail while you are content to remain on the bunby slope


The magic is in embracing the unknown, it is whr=ere we need to go to realize our personal treasure,


Once you have experienced genuine inner peace, rven if only for a very small span of time, you will fight like ell to sy=stay there because you will know that an interruption in this space is contrary to your best interest, that it would hurt you (although you wil eventually know that you are invulnerable) and there isn’t anything you would not do to ensure you not only remain here but that you continually add to the territory, that you remain in commited to your own westward expansion


In many ways it is like people the pioneers thay were called and that is a correct term, they pioneered the way so that those who came after them knew that they could make it, but the first people there had also staked out the best land, naturally irrigated and resplendent with the needs for living a sumptuous life out in te plains.


I use that as just a comparinson but what you need to know is that inner peace is eternal just as love is eternal and unbound by space and time – there is no limit to the length and width of the journey within, there is no end to the wekll – it ids as long and as deep and as nouricshing as we want


And the only thing we need to do is get out of the way – we really need do nothing.


Why live sm all when magnificence is your birthtight

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