The most poignant, immediate and visual example of this concept came to me by complete surprise. It happened a number of years ago when I was sitting in the family room of my house, completely relaxed – no, I wasn’t lounging in an Archie Bunker chair with all of the prejudices and stereotypes associated with such a thing as that. In fact, I never owned an Archie Bunker Chair. Unfortunately, any younger readers of this piece will not know what an Archie Bunker Chair is and what it represents-
When he decided to inhale the liquid, with every microfiber of his being screaming at him to somehow run to get away from this hideous machine, for his entire life he had known that humans cannot live without oxygen and that people drown when they are immersed in liquid so long that their lungs are burning and and they must exhale to ssave their lives. But exhaling means that the vacuum created by the absence of air must be filled and a highly conditioned safety response is breathing in – but it must be air, and this is liquid

He knew what he was getting himself into, he knew that he would be fighting with all his power and might to live and in order to do that a person must breathe
He has to woak through hos mind, hw must convert his thinking to  – he was willing to give his life to ensure the lives of others – he had made his decision and his commitment was putting on the deep water suit and helmet – what do you suppose he felt when that container began to fill with this experimental liquid oxygen? What is it like to consciously step through that barrier – to accept death for ourswelves, which was exactly what he was doing becase tit had never ben tested on a human being.Anything could go wrong! What if the formula could only work on monkeys? What if suit couldn’t stand the pressure at    ft. but this would be a moot point if they were sending a corpse.
The same is true when you are undergoing an awakening – a transition – you are lookimg back at yourself

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